Tuesday, January 13, 2009


For our nearly 4 1/2 years at River Stone, our insurance situation has been unstable at best. We started a church with no financial backing and were willing to make whatever sacrifices were necessary to do what God has called us to do. Insurance has been something we've sacrificed off and on just to make ends meet. These days, things are better, and the church is in a position to help out with that expense, So, I began insurance shopping. I filled out the online application and waited to hear from them. They called to ask about Jacob's allergies. I explained the situation, and they acted like it was no big deal. He takes Claritin from time to time so he won't sneeze. No big deal. A few more days, and we still haven't heard anything. So, today I called to see what the deal was... I found out that Jacob was approved with a 20% increase in the premium because he's allergic to stuff, but Holly and I were denied. I inquired as to why, and I'm still beside myself ... "You're expecting a baby." "Because you're adopting, we treat that as if you were pregnant, and we don't cover maternity, and we're required to add your new baby within 30 days, and we're not willing to take that risk. " Really?!?! I argued and complained, but couldn't get her to stray from the script.

Adoption is this crazy thing. We've begun to walk through these steps - making sure our house is in order, preparing for a home study, networking and trying to find out which means you want to use to connect with your baby, praying that God would bring you the right baby at the right time in the right way according to His will, and dealing with the fact that this could cost you in the $10,000-$20,000 range. Then you wonder about the birth mom and the health of the baby. You wonder what race, what gender, what personality, how will Jake do as a big brother? Every day walking, praying, waiting, and thinking about all of the hurdles you have to jump over to come to the place of bringing a baby home. It was a hurdle to move Jacob's room so that we can start to get a nursery ready. It's a hurdle to brainstorm fundraising ideas. It's a hurdle to put your life on hold because it's better to prepare for a new baby. There are so many hurdles. I never in my wildest of dreams would've guessed that adopting would cost us our opportunity to get health insurance. I know the insurance world is very broken, but are you kidding me?

The Lord is faithful, and He always comes through for us, but I am so irritated about having to jump over a hurdle I thought we were already over. But, since when do things happen like I expect them to happen anyway? None the less, I'm angry and trying to understand a world that punishes you for wanting to bring home a baby that needs a home. For the love!


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