Saturday, July 26, 2008

River Stone Movers Rock

In recent months, I've found myself more and more proud of being the pastor of River Stone Community Church. Time and time again, the people of River Stone step up to reach out to either help one of our own or someone in the community in need. Last night, we functioned as a moving company.

A single mom in our church accepted a new job that provides housing. So, she told Brian of her plans to hire movers to move her and her kids into their new place. He asked if I thought there was something we could to help. I committed our assistance, but at that point I had no idea who would help. I sent out an e-mail asking for help from our Overflow Group. After receiving some commitments, we found out that the day I had arranged was not feasible because the new place would not be ready. So, at the last minute, I changed the date. Quite a few of the key people I originally had in mind weren't able to make it. About 10 of us showed up to help. Our caravan consisted of 3 pickups, 2 trailers, and 3 SUV's. With the assistance of the family of 3, we moved all of their stuff out of the old house and into the new house in a little over 3 hours, and that includes 30 minutes of eating pizza. Big stuff, small stuff, boxes, odds and ends masterfully loaded (with nearly no wasted space) and transported. I am so impressed and so proud. The single mom kept asked what she should be doing, and I kept telling her to get out of the way. She didn't know what to do. I inwardly boasted about the Kingdom of God being put on display right before my eyes.

Also, when she told her realtor what was happening, she decided to make an appearance to see first hand what was going. She couldn't believe all the help this family was getting, and the single mom said she had never moved so quickly.

I know this seems like a little thing, but it really made me appreciate the heart of our church and the people God has blessed us with. I was so blessed to be able to help. I've never had so much fun moving, and I think it must have been working for the good of the Kingdom with people that I really enjoy being around.

I hope that we continue to have opportunities to consider other better than ourselves and to demonstrate the love of God to those around us. Thanks for reading. God Bless You!


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