Friday, January 02, 2009

Opportunity Missed

Pizza on my birthday is a tradition that started with visitng my Grandparents most Christmases in Minnesota.  White Christmases with my Grandpa Norman reading the Christmas story are occasions I will cherish forever and never forget.  My birthday is the day after Christmas, and my family would always take me out for pizza at Angeno's.  It was always very special for me having the same cast of characters who came together the day before come together again to celebrate with me. This year, I thought I didn't care very much about celebrating my birthday.  We had Holly's extended family's Christmas time on the night of my birthday - which was great.  So, we went and had wings for lunch (always a great birthday option).  When some of my Minnesota family members left me facebook birthday messages, they mentioned pizza.  I began to regret the fact that I chose wings over pizza.  So, last night we made up for it.  We went to Mangia's in Austin for my birthday pizza.  It was truly a pizza pie, and it was delicious.  Holly and her mom ordered a pizza to share that they messed up.  The waitress told them to eat on the messed up one if they wanted and that she would bring the right one at no charge.  So, they did, and we ended up with a whole pizza to go.  I put the pizza in the back as we drove down to Mozart's for dessert and then on to Westgate for a movie. 

I don't know about you, but I always struggle with how to react to someone who approaches me asking for money when I'm getting out of my car.  I wrestle with my call to take care of the poor, to help the helpless, to demonstrate the love of Jesus.  Am I enabling?  Am I really helping?  What's the best scenario for this person at this time?  If I have change in my pocket or some cash, I will typically give something.  Many times it will be a fluke that I even had anything to give, and I count it as a sovereign moment.  Other times, I don't have anything to give and respectfully decline.  Last night,  as I was getting Jacob out of the car, we were approached by a homeless lady asking for help with food.  Immediately I became a victim of my own thought processes... do I, don't I...errrr...  I had no cash, no change, and I even pre-paid for my movie tickets online.  I didn't think I could help this lady, so I apologetically declined. 

This morning, I brought a couple of boxes of books to the office that had been in the car for most of the week.  When I opened the back, I found the to go box with a whole pizza in it.  My heart sank.  I still feel horrible.  She asked for food, and I had a whole pizza in the car from one of the best places we've ever been to.  It didn't even cross my mind.  So, I use this today as a sort of public confession.  Out of my abudance, I had the opportunity to feed the hungry, and I dropped the ball.  Thank God my ommission is met by His tender grace, but I hate that I missed an opportunity to bring the Kingdom. 


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