Monday, July 09, 2007

Marble Madness (a scary story)

Today, I got an unpleasant phone call from Holly this afternoon saying that while she was in the other room, she heard Jacob cough a couple of times and then start crying. Once he calmed down, he told her that he had put a marble in his mouth that ended up slipping into the back of his throat where he had to cough it up. Needless to say, it freaked him out. He has a bruise on his throat from where he grabbed it when he began to choke. Holly called the doctor, and they wanted to check him out just to be safe. They said that he's fine.

It scares me as a parent to realize that despite our best efforts to keep a close watch on our son, we are ultimately unable to completely protect him. I didn't even know he had any of those magnetic marbles in his toy arsenal (which we have now found out are recalled b/c kids have died as a result of playing with them).

In the past couple of days, when I was praying for Jacob, I was extremely compelled to pray for his protection. One of the last things I did before I left for the office today was to pray specifically for Jacob's protection. When I told Holly this, she said she had felt the same thing recently. She had been praying the same things. I'm not saying that our prayers saved his life, but I can't say they didn't. What I do know is that our best attempts to protect our son pale in comparison to God's ability to protect His creation. God protected my son today, and I'm reminded how great He is, how gracious, and how faithful.

Thank You, Jesus.


Blogger Holly said...

Yes! Thank you Jesus for protecting our son!!!

11:24 PM  

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