Thursday, August 10, 2006

Washing Feet

This evening I learned another lesson from my soon to be four year old. I know it's weak that this is my only blog material as of late, but this was significant.

Tonight was the playoff tournament for our Co-Rec softball team. I'm proud to say that our record is perfect - perfectly bad! We lost every single game ... except for our first playoff game - which we won due to the other team not having enough players. The outcome of our game tonight was not favorable, but it's a great group of people to be around, and thank God the beatings are over.

Anyway, back to the boy. My son has a crush on an extremely cute three year old named Allison. He says that she is his girlfriend, and tonight he said that he loved her. I wish we were still in the era of arranged marriages. I'd hook this one up in a second (Cody and Amy, I think we can work it out). Jacob loves it when Allison comes to the games to watch her Daddy play. Tonight was such a night. They ran and played and climbed and mostly played in the dirt. When it was discovered that Allison's feet were dirty from their play time, Jacob volunteered to wash her feet. He took the wipes and started to work. I was not an eyewitness, and I'm not sure how good of a job he did. I'm not even certain that he got to execute his plan, but it was a beautiful moment. Tears were in eyes, and I'm proud of my boy. When a lot of kids punch their "girlfriends" or boss them around or tell them what to do ... Jacob wanted to wash her feet.

Normally at night, we go through our KidsTalk page that Holly puts together for all the kids at our church. Tonight when I was tucking him in, with tears in my eyes, I told him that he did something just like Jesus. I told him how Jesus washed the disciples feet when they were dirty. I also told him that tonight instead of me teaching him something, that he taught me something. Tomorrow I'm going to look for an opportunity to wash some feet - especially of the people that I love.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, Tiffany and I have voted and he has got to be the coolest kid EVER. Perhaps it's because he has such great parents :)

10:56 PM  
Blogger Holly said...

He is the coolest kid ever!!!!

11:15 AM  

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