Thursday, January 26, 2006


As many of you probably know a couple of weeks ago we got robbed. I walked into our apartment to find DVD's scattered all over the floor, our video camera gone, my playstation - gone, Holly's computer - almost gone. We think I scared them off. That's right - they were in my apt. when I went to open the door. I came in the back, they ran out the front.

In many ways I was already thanking Jesus when I went to bed. It couldn't been worse. My media computer (the mac) was at the church and my other laptop was in the car. Both of those would've been gone and I don't know what I would've done. The same for my music stuff - all at the church. I was feeling very blessed that I didn't actually walk in on these guys, and that the stuff that I really care about/need was protected.

A few hours later the guys tried to sell my playstation to some other guys a few doors down in the Motel 6. That's right, they were from out of town - FT. Worth actually. They came in robbed two apts, then stayed to party in San Marcos. Then, they unloaded all my stuff into the Motel 6 and tried to sell it to the guys 3 doors down. The deal went bad, a fight broke out, someone called the cops and I found my stuff. They arrested the guys and told me they would be calling me to pick up my stuff. I got the call yesterday. I went and picked up what they confiscated. A duffle bag full of 71 DVD's (I can't believe we have that many DVD's, but many of them were hot titles like Bob the Builder, Thomas and his Friends - quality stuff), my video camera, my PS2 controllers, but no playstation. Even though I saw it at the scene, it didn't make it back to the Police Station somehow. So, they filed a request for restitiution on my behalf. I'm not going to be waiting by the mailbox.

So, a week and a half later the intial emotions of fear and caution are subsiding. For the first few days we couldn't sleep, every noise woke us up. Lights were left on, and I found myself getting up multiple times during the night to check the locks. Since they tracked mud into our apt, our office had the carpets cleaned for us. It's amazing what clean carpets will do. Today, we feel safe, know we were not a planned target, retained all of our stuff (except the playstation), and are content to live out our lease here through the end of May.

Thank you for your prayers. We had many people ask about us, call us, and e-mail us. I know that your praying for us gave us strength to make it through a difficult time. God is good, it could've been so much worse, and we could've lost a lot more. Thank you Jesus.

However, if the people who robbed us, or if you're considering robbing us, are reading this - we're soon to be protected by Smith & Wesson. God Bless America!

Seriously, thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and support. It made a big difference in our lives.


Blogger Holly said...

thank you Jesus!

5:15 PM  
Anonymous Christina said...

Lance and I will spread the word about your new security measures the next time he has to hop over your balcony to advertise that the door was unlocked...yep, he's still feeling a little responsible for the whole break-in :o) Y'all can share our PlayStation or Nintendo for that matter.

3:00 PM  

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