Wednesday, June 08, 2005



Thank you for the priviledge of serving you. Thank you for allowing me to see that my best efforts will never bring about the movement that my heart longs for. Father, forgive me for the wasted time hobnobbing in my Christian bubble. May I continue to learn the value you place on a not-yet believing individual. May I live a life surrendered and yielded to the movement of Your Spirit. May you breathe into me that I may breathe into others. May I learn to love those different than me, may I learn to interact as You would in my surroundings. May I let go of the need to build a great church. May I learn to let You do what You said You would, and may I continually be put into my place. Increase as I decrease.

Move in San Marcos, move into San Marcos, move through San Marcos. Move through the lives of Christ-followers, move through River Stone, move through the other churches. May your Kingdom come in San Marcos. May you have opportunity to move through lives surrendered and humbled. May your will be done. We want to see You lifted up as the most famous person in our community. May we not interfere with your movement, may we not hinder what You want to do. Flow through us. Fill us. Overflow out of us. Make grace, mercy, love, and hope reality for those around us who need it.

We are your witnesses. Call upon us to testify as to what we have seen You do in our lives. Expand your Kingdom.