Tuesday, March 29, 2005

New to blog

Here is my first blog entry. Two days after Easter (still recovering from my Easter hangover), I find myself pondering whether or not our Easter Service was a success. On many fronts I think it was. Worship was strong, the creative elements really came together, the truth was clearly communicated, God moved. I am so humbled by the crowd that assembled to experience God through our Easter Worship Celebration, but I can't stop thinking about the masses who didn't experience anything on Easter except eggs, bunnies, and candy. I think at some level I honestly think that the masses will eventually come and check us out just because we're doing some really good God stuff. The reality is that we are here (as a church) to serve. It's time for us to serve our community - to reach out and touch the masses with encouragmnet, with the love of God in a way that allows us to connect them with that love. So, I find myself ready to do more than lead our team to organizing and leading good worship experiences, I'm ready to serve. If you're reading this, and you're a part of the River Stone Community. Pass on some creative service ideas where we can spread the love of God into the streets of San Marcos and Wimberley.